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If you would like to book any or all of our three performing groups for a show, here are our minimum technical requirements for our performance:

45×40   Flat Floor


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need To Know About ETC

Q : What Is ETC?

A : ETC, School Of Musical Arts Is A Non-Profit Organization Providing Musical Instruction In Ensemble Singing And Dancing, As Well As Private And Small Group Lessons. We Have Four Performing Ensembles, The All Americans (Grades 9-12, Mixed), Rouge (Grades 9-12, All Female), The Main Street Singers (Grades 5-8), And The New Generation (Grades 2-5).


Q : What Do These Groups Do?

A: All Of Our Groups Have Weekly Rehearsals And A Summer Workshop/Camp. During These Sessions, They Learn And Rehearse A Program Of Advanced Choral Music, Coupled With Choreography. They Work With Our Professional Staff And At Times Featured Instructors Are Brought In From Around The Country. All Our
Groups Perform In ETC Sponsored Concerts (Fall And Spring), Various Community Performances, And Selected Competitions, Locally And Regionally.


Q : What Are The Costs Associated With Membership In ETC?

A: Students In The All Americans, Rouge, and main street singers pay $100 a month for the entire season (June – May). There will also be a competition fee added in january that will be spread out over the last 5 payments. That amount is dependent on our fall fundraiser, as all profits from that will go to reducing the fee for each member. The tutition Is Used To Help Cover The Operating Costs Of The Organization, as well as costumes and travel.  You Will Also Be Required To Pay For Any Necessary Undergarments, Make-Up And Shoes. We Will Keep This Cost To A Minimum By Making Group Purchases On Your Behalf. We Also Depend On Revenue From ETC Events To Help With Organizational Expenses, In Lieu Of Asking A Higher Tuition. Minimum Ticket Requirements Will Be Stated For The Fall And Spring Shows And Two Of Our Events (Ex. Golf Outing And Night At The Races). We Also Have We Have Multiple Fund Raisers To Help Off-Set Cost. Payment Plans Are Also Available To Accommodate Any Financial Needs.


Q : That Is A Large Cost, Are There Fundraisers Or Payment Plans?

A: Yes. We have various fundraisers in the summer/fall that can help offset the costs for ETC. There are a very limited number of scholarships available. In addition payment plans can be made to accommodate your financial needs to get fees paid.

Q : Does My Child Need To Attend Everything?

A: Yes. However, We Realize There Will Be Conflicts (Family, School, Church, Etc) And Some Absences May Be Necessary. We Do Ask That You Provide Reasonable Notice Ahead Of Time And That You Consider The Time Requirement When Becoming Involved In Other Non-School Activities. The Level Of Excellence Expected Of ETC Ensembles Requires A Certain Amount Of Commitment And Hopefully We Can Make This A Fulfilling Experience.


Q: Who Can Audition For ETC?

A: Anyone who is in the appropriate grade for the group for which he or she is auditioning is welcome to audition. There are no geographic boundaries for participating in the group as long as one is able to attend to rehearsals and events.

Q: When Are Auditions For ETC?

A: Auditions for Rouge and the All Americans are generally held in mid to late May. Main Street Singers auditions start in May and go throughout the summer/fall.

Q: Do you have to have taken voice and/or dance lessons to be in ETC?
A: ETC members are not required to take dance and/or voice lessons.

Q: How do you decide how many members will be in each group?

A: The maximum is determined by vocal balance, choreography, and space on stage.

Q: How often do we rehearse, and for how long?
A: Main Street and New Generation rehearse on Saturdays throughout the year. Sunday afternoons are reserved for the All Americans. Rouge rehearses on Tuesday evenings. Additional rehearsals are held early in the season and before competitions as the Musical Director deems necessary.
Main Street rehearsals are from 9:00am and 12:00 pm on Saturdays.
Rouge rehearsals are from 5:30pm and 9:00pm on Tuesdays.
All-Americans rehearsals are 1:30pm -5:30pm on Sundays.

Q: Are there scholarships available?
A: ETC has a limited number of partial scholarships provided through the support of the GAR Foundation and the ETC Foundation and generous local donors.  Applications can be submitted following acceptance into the performing groups. For more information regarding scholarships, email and

Q: How do fundraisers work?
A: ETC sponsors many fundraising events, These include working concession stands at Blossom Music Center, and seeking sponsors and donors as a part of our donor/ad program. ETC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and can provide tax deductions to those who support us. ETC also sponsors two performance events, a fall fundraiser, and a Night of Music Fundraiser.

Q: What is the ETC Season?


  • Following auditions at the end of May we have our summer camps. Those are week long camps in which they learn the vocals and choreography to their show. This may extend beyond a week.
  • Once that is finished we follow a regular routine of scheduled rehearsals.
  • The performance season begins with outdoor summer/early fall concerts and public performances.
  • Performances  then move indoors for non-competitive high school show choir festivals, a formal Fall Show, indoor community shows.
  • There is then a holiday concert in December at the Akron Civic Theatre.
  • The competition season begins in late January and continues through the end of March. Typically the high school groups attend 5 competitions, with the middle school attending 3-4.
  • Our annual Spring Gala brings the season to a grand finale in early May, honoring both current members and alumni of the organization.

Q: How do I get in contact with someone regarding ETC?

A: You can e-mail with any questions or concerns regarding ETC.