COVID-19 Studio Guidelines/Procedures

Covid-19 Update

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Each student will have an assigned drop of and pick up time
    assigned by the Parent Leaders
  • Entry will be through the Main Entrance Lobby Doors
  •  Prior to entering, each student will have a temperature check –
    We ask that Parents monitor this at home as well. If the student
    or any member of the household is exhibiting signs of illness,
    please withhold the student from participating in Rehearsal and
    make ETC aware of the situation
  • There will be a specific traffic flow for cars entering
    and departing. Parents will be outside directing traffic. Please
    follow all instructions for proper flow of vehicles to ensure
  • Pick Up will be at the door on the side of the building past the
    Main Entrance. Parents will be outside to direct traffic staging
    for vehicles entering and exiting
  • NO PARKING will be allowed on the side of the building
  • Students that drive to Rehearsal will be required to park in a
    manner that will allow proper flow of vehicles for Drop Off and
    Pick Up. Student Drivers will also be required to enter and exit
    in the same fashion as those being Dropped Off/Picked Up
  • All students will be required to wear mask at all times
    (entering/exiting building, in all Common Areas and Halls)
    except as instructed by Directors Only while in the Studio and
    rehearsing. If students forget their masks, one will be provided.


  • All doors opened and secured to limit contact with handles
  • Additional screening on outer doors to promote ventilation
  • Fans will be directed away from students
  • All areas and surfaces will be regularly sanitized with UV-C device
  • Locker area will be closed
  • Drinking fountains will be blocked, except for the water bottle filling device
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at several locations


  •  All staff, parents and students to be masked. If anyone does not
    bring their own mask, one will be provided.
  • Temperatures will be checked and recorded upon entry of the
    building. Students shall not leave the building until the end of classes. If
    they do, they will need to be readmitted by volunteer/staff
  •  Social distancing will be maintained throughout the building
  • Students will be issued a music folder which will remain in the
    building and be sanitized
  • Teaching will be structured to allow for smaller groups to promote
    social distancing
  • Volunteer/staff will observe activities and assure proper spacing
  • Purses or small bags will be hung up
  • Phones will be placed in separate storage are
  • No food, students should bring their own, labelled water bottle
    which will go home with them each day.
  • All personal belongings will go home after each practice.